1973 Dodge Dart Sport


1973 dodge dart sport, one of the only years dart used the duster body with the dart front end.

This is a super solid body!! I had to replace just a couple of small spots in the lower rear quarters. The body is in gray primer.

Comes with 360 motor and a833 4 speed. It was originally a 318 automatic, but someone before me put in a 4 speed hump on the floor and the 4 speed pedals are in it already too. It has an 8 1/4 rear with posi! There is no rust on the front fenders ,doors, floor or any other part except where i already fixed the small spots.
Really all it needs is for someone to sand out the rough spots and paint it for a driver, or you can take the time to sand the whole car
and make it really nice. The frame is totally solid too. This is one of the most solid a bodies i have seen in a long time. I would definetly keep it around if i did nt need the money!

As for the interior, it is not in the car right now.the back seat is perfect, it does need a new carpet. It does have the door panels and front buckets, but they need to be recovered. The
wiring harness for under the hood is there but i disconnected it to
clean up the doghouse. I have already stripped the k member and repainted it black, i also had the front fenders off and repainted the
inner side of the fender wells and undercoated it. The trunk has just a couple of pin holes in it. But i did wire wheel it and repainted it and used undercoat in the wheel well where they often rust, and painted
it over.

All together i\\\'d say 99% of the body work is done, the driveshaft is also on the car. The guy i got the car from was driving it last summer with a 360 and 4 speed in it. And i do have a clear indiana title for it too.
I have the front bumper show chromed, new door handles, new nos wheel caps, tires, hood hinges, dual snorkel fiberglass scoop, date coded 360, a833 4 speed, bell housing

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